Corporate Governance

At Jalan Silk Mills Pvt Ltd., we have formulated and adhere to a set of strong corporate governance practices. Our processes, customs, policies are shaped and controlled by certain ethical rules and regulations.

From these rules and principles of Corporate Governance emerge the pillars of our governance philosophy; namely trusteeship, transparency, empowerment and accountability, control and ethical corporate citizenship. We believe that the practice of each of these leads to the creation of the right corporate culture in which the company is managed in a manner that fulfills the purpose of Corporate Governance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Be it organic cotton produced in an environmentally friendly way or the use of eco-fibres and eco-processes to meet niche market requirements, Jalan Silk Mills Pvt Ltd. is well geared to meet the most demanding of requests from our clients. Our factories are compliant with both local and international laws and norms governing employee welfare, plant safety and working conditions. In fact, as a policy, we prefer to exceed most compliance requirements.